The Streets of Axbridge – Have your say!

As you probably know by now, the Axbridge Action Group (sponsored by the Axbridge Community Partnership) is progressing with the Streets of Axbridge trial, which is a mix of physical changes in Axbridge Town Square, along with in-depth community engagement to find out how residents and visitors want to see Axbridge develop for the future in terms of the relationship between people and cars.

The project’s core aim is to get the balance right between vehicles & pedestrians, throughout Axbridge, to create a safe shared space for now and the future.

So far the parking spaces have been changed, there are now tables outside the Almshouse for everyone to use, and there are two new planters with trees in, in the Square.  Not all the changes are in place yet, and there are some tweaks to be made, but soon the planters, benches, and new bike racks should all be in the right places, and the Trial will be properly underway.

Why not come and find out more on the 18th July – 10.00am – 2.00pm in Axbridge Town Hall. Have your say and see more details of this trial.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Peter Harding, Chairman of Axbridge Action Group says: “Come along and have your say! This is a trial which is being conducted to get people talking and find out what residents and visitors want to see happen in Axbridge now and in the future”.

More information about the project can be found on this website, and we’re on Facebook too.

One thought on “The Streets of Axbridge – Have your say!

  1. More seating, more plants and small trees are a great improvement. However at the moment it is all a bit scattered about the square and does not have the impact it deserves. I would like to see the centre of the square given over to these facilities to give a ‘village green’ feeling where people could congregate. The area I am thinking of is cycle parking 2, spaces 17and18 and altering of the parking 9-16 to open up the square and placing parking round the outside.
    Ideally very little parking in the square would be lovely but this may not be feasible.
    There is still trouble with parking next to the seating area outside the Almshouse by people
    visiting the Co-op. A good start

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